Library is one of the vital organs of the academic body, plays a crucial role in the development of education, through its multi disciplinary operational activities. With this vision in view, Cauvery College library was established in the year 1968-69, under the University of Mysore.The College was admitted under grant in aid scheme in the year 1978-79. The UGC has sanctioned Rs. One Lakh during the fifth year plan period towards the purchase of books.

The college has been receiving financial assistance towards library development during the eight, ninth and tenth plans. The library saw a new dimension towards the purchase of books, subscription of journals and equipments with UGC assistance.

In a span of five years many books were added, as the Science and Commerce subjects were introduced at the PUC level. The collection increased quantitatively. The automation and computing facility have transformed our library into a information center.

Our library has a rich collection of 46,912 volumes of books and journals on various subjects. All the books have been technically processed, card catalogues maintained and books are classified as per Dewey decimal classification scheme (18th edition). We have separate sections for news paper, periodicals, Question papers etc. The reference section inside the library is spacious and very comfortable. Reference sources like Encyclopedia (English and Kannada), Dictionaries, imported reference books on general knowledge and competitive examinations are easily accessible.

Library Advisory Committee

Library committee is a body in an organization consisting of the Librarian, Head of the departments of each discipline, Principal of the institution and the Office Manager of the college.

Powers and Functions

Library committee supervises and advises the Librarian in the policy of book selection and other administrative matters. The main functions performed by the library committee are:

  • Providing sufficient library materials, text books, reference books, periodicals etc.
  • Organizing and processing it in a way to make it easily available and accessible to the students and the staff
  • Informing the users to the arrival of new editions to the library and other facilities available.
  • Extending bibliographical services on demand especially from the staff.
  • Ensuring a functional and modular type building at a proper location with adequate facilities and services.
  • Providing adequate furniture and equipments.
  • Making provision for sufficient funds for procurements of documents, Employment of staff, Purchase of equipments, maintenance of building etc.
  • Laying down general library policy.
  • Library com

Facilities & Services

  • Open access for free 2,100 E-Journals
  • Open access for 51,000 E-Books
  • Book Bank
  • SC/ST Book Bank
  • UGC Book Bank
  • Jindal Trust Gift Book Bank
  • Chandan Co. Gift Book Bank
  • Documentation
  • Reprography
  • Catalogue and Indexing
  • University Question Papers and Syllabus
  • Circulations
  • Reference Services
  • CDs and Printed Copies
  • News Paper Clipping Services
  • Internet Services comittee approves the budget allocation of funds to each subject annually

Faculty List

  • Librarian:
    • Latha T.K. M.Com, M.LISc.
  • Administration Staff
    • Sri C.J. Antony
    • E.K. Renu

      Supporting Staff

  • Chennana Nayak MM
  • Ambika D R            


Library Committee

            The college library is an integral part of the college. For operational efficiency and the overall policies and objectives of the college library there should be functional administrative structure. Library committee is a body of an organization consisting of the Librarian. Heads of the Department each Discipline, Principle of the Institution and the office Manager of the college. The committee ensures a better understanding between the readers and library polices.

The suggested membership of the committee is:

  1. Principal : Chair Person
  2. Vice Principal :To chair the meeting in the absence of the Principal
  3. All Departmental H.O.D’s : Members
  4. Librarian : Member Secretary


Library Membership:

  • All the students and faculty members who have joined the college can get membership of the library.
  • Bar- coded and laminated Identity cards are issued to students/faculty
  • The borrower’s cards are not transferable.
  • The student should produce Identity Cards for issuing/returning of books and for the reading of general magazines/journal/newspapers etc.


Best practices as well as specialized services provided by the library

The college extends the following specialized library services to its stakeholders.

  • Manuscripts:

Accession registers, Book withdrawal register, Book deposit register, Bill payment register, Reprographic service register, Coaching class book issue register, Library User register, Books issued to old students and parents register,  Library best user award register, Stock book registers etc.

  • Reference services:

Using wide and updated reference collection students are guided to get the topics  & materials  required for their assignments, academic competitions, seminars, projects, etc.

  • Reprographic service:

For both internal and external users.

  • Inter Library Loan(ILL)

Nearly 500 text and reference books  are used by the post graduate students through   Inter Library Loan. Inter library loan services such as photocopy or scan materials, question banks are provided.

  • Information deployment and notification:

           This is done through new arrivals display rack, and display on the notice board.

  • Download services:

These services are available to the stakeholders from subscribed e-resources, resources from N- LIST and open access resources. INFLIBNET services (NLIST) are made available to the user community for academic purpose.

  • Printing

             Printers are provided for student and public access.

  • Reading list/Bibliography compilation

Automated bibliography generation service is made available by using the catalogue module of the integrated library automation package.   

  • In-house/remote access to e-resources

The access to the resources is managed through user-name and Password for in-house as well as remote use: (a) e-journals from NLIST (b) open access journals.

  • User orientation and awareness

 Regular awareness and orientation for fresh users for ensuring the efficient utilization of the library services. Book bank service facility is available to the meritorious, poor and   deserving students.

  • Assistant in searching Databases:

 The library faculty members render assistance to search and retrieve information from  e-resources on request/demand by the user.

  • Competitive Exam section:

 There are more than 200 books related to KPSC, UPSC, KAS, IAS, Departmental Exam, NET, SET, CET and other competitive examination  acquired and kept in separate section for the concerned students and the teachers preparing for the exams.

  • Bio Metric Attendance:

Degree students have to maintain minimum 20 library hour of  attendance in a semester. A biometric attendance device  is placed in the library to record the library hour.

  • Library Best User award:

To motivate the students to make the efficient use of the library and its services, the 'Best Library User Award’ has been started from 2010-2011.Two students are selected one from the Boys and One from the girls of III year degree course, on the basis of the statistical data, accession of  books,  reading aptitude of the student, utilisation of other library resources and discipline

  • Drinking Water Facility
  • Separate Reading Room for Female Students
  • User feedback Practice Through Questionnaire
  • Books circulated to Old students & Parents
  • CCTV cameras installed in the library
  • Power back up in the Library

Department of Library & Information Science

Added books in the year : 2017-18

Volumes =  641    Cost  ` 109251.00     

Gift/Donated books  volumes 103     Cost ` 8210.00

Total Volumes  51366



  • Journals: 57

National and International Journals

  • Magazines: 65

Daily/weekly/bio monthly/monthly

  • News Paper:42

Kan/Eng: Daily/weekly

Smt. Latha T.K.

  1. Participated as delegate and presented paper on “Best Practices of Cauvery College Library and Information Science center” in the National Conference  organized by the University of Mysore, Mysore on 10th and 11th  Nov- 2017.


  1. Participated as delegate and Presented paper on “Role of librarians in Modern Library Management” in the National Conference, organized by Tumkur University, Tumkuru on 30th Dec-2017.


  1. Participated as Invitee/delegate and Presented paper on “Planning and Designing of Academic Library Building” in the 3rd National  Conference, on Management of Modern Libraries(NACML)-2018 organized by SEARCH-The Health Science Library and Library & Information Science, MAHE, Manipal during 9-10 Feb- 2018.




Library Gallery

Working Hours:

  • Lending section        9. 30  am to  5.00 pm
  • Reference Section   10.00  am to  4.00 pm
  • Browsing section     9.30 am to  4.00 pm
  • On Saturday              9.30 am to  1.00 pm

Collections of the Library: As on 31-03-2017

  • Total number of Books
    • UGC books/Reference books :  Degree Section   : 50725 volumes
    • DVD/ CD : PU Section        :  3718   volumes    
    • Donated/Gift Book         
    • Book Bank
  • Old periodicals Bound Volumes :    876 volumes   
  • Periodicals:

      Journals /Magazines: National and International                             :     112

  • News Paper: Daily/weekly /bio monthly/monthly: KAN/ENG : 38

Total Volumes as on 27-02-2018  51346

Added books  2017-18  volumes 621 Amount Rs.93131.00
Journals  :57
Magazines: 65
Newspapers: 42