NCC Officer :
Mr Akram, Department of Kannada.
NCC Officer :
Captain Dr Lt. Beena , HOD , Dept of M.Com
Report 2017-18

NCC wings of our college are doing noteworthy achievements being ably guided by Dr.Lt.S.N. Beena and Capt Braita Kumar. Dr.Lt.S.N.Beena received the prestigious honor of Commendation from theΒ  Deputy Director GeneralΒ  of NCC .She has attended one day ANO Refresher camp at St Mary’s College, Brahmavar,Β  the Mangalore group at the inter group competition at Belagavi, attended NIC at Moodabedri, SNIC peddapuram Kakinada and attended NCC day at Madikeri.

Cadets have attended different camps like Tala Sainik camp at Shimoga, inter group competition at Belagavi, Army attachment camp at Goa, special National Intergartion camp at Kakinad, Andra Pradesh, NIC at Patna Bihar, NIC at Moodabedri and NIC Terangal Ballary.

46 cadets are writing B certificate and 25 cadets areΒ Β Β Β  writing C certificate exam this year. I congratulate the NCC officers Dr.Lt.S.N.Beena & Capt.Braita Kumar for the rare commitment displayed in instilling discipline in our Cadets.

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