The Nature Club and Eco Club of the college with the help of faculty and students strive hard to keep the campus green and clean. Herbal garden is maintained with a variety of medicinal plants.

  • Initiatives taken to make the campus eco-friendly : 
     Energy conservation
     Switching off fans, computers, and lights when not required and not in use.
     Use of LED bulbs and Solar Lamps
     Prevention of water leakage and wastage
     Upkeep and maintenance of equipment’s are strictly adhered to for enhancing energy efficiency and longer life.
     Laser printers are placed on low power consumption functions.
    Use of renewable energy
     Solar thermal devises are very effective for conservation of renewable energy. Devises such as solar water heater, solar lamps have been installed as an alternative to electrical appliances.

     Rain water harvesting project has been implemented in our college. The water harvested is used to water plants.

    The college is declared as plastic free zone.
     Litter free drive is undertaken
     Use of paper is reduced
     Printers are placed on low range setting to save cartridge.
     Colour printer is generally avoided.
     Green house is maintained
     Planting fruit bearing plants and herbal plants
    Tree plantation drives.
    Tissue culture lab is maintained.
    We have a tie up with the horticulture department for free supply of plants.
    Vermi composting unit is set up.