Department  of  history was  started  at  Cauvery college  Gonikoppal  in the year 1968. Prof. Ganapathy was the head of the department  and  Sri  A.K. Bose worked as a lecture in the department of history. Prof. Ganapathy was transferred to women’s college in the year 1989 and Smt. Geetha P.C. who was a lecture in  Cauvery  Women’s  College  transferred  to Cauvery College Gonikoppal. From 12th  August 1989  Prof. A K. Bose transferred to Kavery  women’s  college  and Prof. C.K. Ganapathy was once again transferred to Cauvery college Gonikoppal.

           Since  then  Sri. A .K. Bose served as the head of the department till 2003 - 2004.  But  now  after  the retirement Sri A. K. Bose , Smt. P. C. Geetha served as the head of the department  till may-2016 .Smt.P.C. Meenaxi is appointed as a part time lecture in 2004 ,Smt. Kavery appointed as a part time lecture.

        After the retirement of  Smt. P C Geetha , Smt. Meenaxi  serving  as senior lecture of the department and Miss. Seema M. C. appointed as a lecturer, department of history from  4 July 2016 & serving as the head of the department. Present Student strength is 200 and the results are good.




                              “  What  Memory  Is  To Man,

                                    History   Is  To Mankind ”

                                                                                ­­­­­Will Durant



The department is one of the oldest department in our college. It is introduced in 1968 itself. I am happy to say that our subject history is a much sought after subject in our College. Those who complete B.A. with history can take up any competitive exams and they can be recruited either in the administrative field or they can either continue their masters Degree, they can take up research work. Even they can opt B.Ed and join High school teaching etc. thus history subject has wider job opportunities. Our student  Mr. Shivadas  working as a lecturer in Polibetta college. Many students are working outside  Kodagu they have opted better placements. Iam happy to announce that the strength of our department is increasing year to year.

Two of our students  have joined Indian Army and they are dedicated to the nation.

HEP, HEK,H Eng P,HEG are the usual combination in our college.Those

Who opt these combinations they can take up any master degree courses & also can opt Social Service, even continue their studies in the field like MSW ,it has much wider horizons of job opportunities.

History is a subject of study helps the pupils to know about our nation our cultural heritage . It enables students to know the past of India Elaborately.

Faculty of History department

Miss. Seema M.C

M.A( History),B.ED

Teaching Experience : 2 Years.

Mob: 9008720630

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Mrs. Meenaxi.P.C.

M.A( History),

Teaching Experience : 13 Years.

Mob: 9480731287.