Cauvery College Alumni Association

CAAG was established in the year 2003, on November 21st.

The association was named as “The Cauverians Alumni Association, Gonikoppal”, in short CAAG.

The office of association is located in the premises of cauvery college gonikoppal.

There shall be life memebrs and all ex-students shall be elgible to become life members on payment of Rs.500.

The managing commitee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Joint Secretary.

The benefits of CAAG shall be open to all ex-students of cauvery college , for a period of minimum one year irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex, nationality provided he/she is willing to live up to the aims and objectives of CAAG.

At present there are 592 members in CAAG.


Message from The President’s Corner

            Today’s news will be tomorrow’s history.  ‘Alumni’ – the ‘treasure trove’ of Cauvery College, Gonikoppal is all set to create history by forging a strong bond with the institution. They have voiced their opinion in several meetings to be always connected with the progress of the institution and have been marching ahead with us in all our endeavors ever since they took birth as a strong forum to carve a niche for themselves in the triumph of the institution.

I appreciate the efforts of the founder members who envisioned a glorious history for the alumni and for actively involving themselves in conducting landmark programmes to show case the miles they have traversed by; honouring the great achievers of the alumni was a remarkable move in the direction of boosting the morale of the institution.

In another two years the institution will be celebrating its ‘golden jubilee’ and I’m sure as a fierce proponent of innovative & qualitative programmes & projects, the alumni will take the institution to greater heights, adding a precious new dimension to its holistic approach. My heartfelt good wishes to the ‘Alumni’ Association of Cauvery College Gonikoppal.

                                                                                    – Dr.A.C.Ganapathy,President,Cauvery Education Society(R)

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